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About "Speed ​​Connect Internet Accelerator"

Speed ​​Connect Internet Accelerator - This is the best, according to the authoritative magazine "PC Magazine", Internet akselerator.Programma counts, optimize and safely change a recursive process, a number of network parameters associated with the known values ​​of optimization until it finds the best settings for your particular case . The program prevents data fragmentation and increases the throughput of almost any compound that results in a more productive online activity: web surfing, access to web pages and email, faster file downloads and online games, improving the quality of connection and Skype etc. 
The program has both automatic and manual settings for experts. For skeptics of the program enabled measuring the velocity before and after optimization - SpeedConnect Connection Tester, in order to clearly satisfied results as correct or incorrect, your connection settings. 

System Requirements: Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 
Platform: Windows ® Vista ™, XP, 2000 
Compatibility with Vista: complete 
Size | Size: 6.31 MB

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