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About "Gmail Notifier Pro v4.6"

Gmail Notifier Pro - a program to notify the arrival of new mail to Gmail. But Gmail Notifier Pro is more than just a tool for warning, it can be used to check the mail, as well as create new messages from the desktop. You can also monitor multiple accounts, Gmail. 

After installation, open the Options window and set up your account Gmail. You can use the method of access, or Atom, or IMAP. Once configured, you can see all the messages in the main window and a separate window lets you view the contents of the e-mail. Every time when a new e-mail message, you will be notified, and the desktop will look pretty cool. 
It supports themes that can be configured out of the window Options. Set up a notifier so how do you like best. When you need to create a new email, simply click on the Compose New Email option in the system tray. 


- Gmail Notifier Professional with many features, easy to use and settings. 
- Check multiple Gmail accounts for new mail - including Google Apps accounts. 
- Shows popup notification and play audio messages, alerting the user when new mail arrives. 
- A complete overview of all unread emails in all your mailboxes. 
- Support for Atom and IMAP protocols. 
- Allows you to create and respond to e-mail without opening a browser. 
- Integration with Google Contacts. 

Year: 2012 
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 
Language: English

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