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About "RealVNC Enterprise"

RealVNC - the system realizes functions exiled administration using the protocol RFB (Remote FrameBuffer). Many PC users need arises fractional gain access to your computer while not being in the immediate vicinity. In such a situation may come to be a healthy program VNC. The program consists of server and client side (server portion must be entered on the computer to which you want to get expelled access). 
From many other similar programs issued naive installation and configuration. VNC allows you to stick with the same desktop computer with dissimilar platforms. Takovskim, users of Windows operating systems can easily stick with the desktop expelled server inject the operating system Unix. 

Minutes VNC, which uses a program sees a naive protocol expelled a graphical user interface. The basis of this protocol entrusted naive principle display a rectangle containing pixel present in the given coordinates x, y. Due to unequal coding schemes would see such an inefficient way to display the components of the interface becomes a powerful tool for transmitting graphical information. 

VNC Consists of two components: a server and a client. VNC-server generates a display image, which subsequently the user of the form on your screen. VNC-client, connecting to the VNC-server, constantly refreshed image of the display prompts a VNC-server. With connection speeds tremendously takovskie requirement to hurt fractionally, allowing the user to see smooth images when moving components proletarian table about windows running programs. At low speeds shown elevated demands made thinner, which could affect the graphics display when you change their position or when the information they contain. 

VNC Enterprise Edition - product for Windows, Unix and Mac, which is part of the architecture of the absolute protection, built-in File Transmitter and avant-garde tools equipment. For businesses of all sizes. From ABC to the grave and designed and developed the first developers of VNC, Enterprise Edition provides security, stability, and control of air expelled from the controlled space interference. 

• Built-In sessions provides protection against tracking connections to intercept these attacks and package information, and countless other. 
• Authorization Server uses 2048-bit RSA keys to verify identity. 
• User authentication supports names and passwords up to 256 characters. 
• Secure communications with 128-bit AES - the selection of experts for high encryption. 
• Platform-Native Authentication overrides the need for separate VNC and system passwords. Users have access to desktop computers, using the same username and password as the login. For Windows is the identification through the NT-Domain or Active Directory, and for Unix - through NIS / NIS +. 
• Single HTTP & VNC allows VNC Server to serve VNC Viewer for Java and VNC sessions through one-odinehonek TCP port, making it easy to configure NAT and firewall. 
• Scaling up proletarian table sizes found in the proportions found, whatever size you may have chosen. 
• Cross-platform interaction with other elements of the VNC Enterprise. 
• File Transfer allows you to copy files between your server and the viewer through a computer connection VNC, not bedstvuem in additional settings. 
• Tools equipment for Windows to automate equipment and software setup VNC throughout your enterprise. 

Year of Release: 2013 
Language: english 
Operating System: Windows ® 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8 (x32 | x64) 
File size: 7.33 MB

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