Tekken Tag Tournament Free Download Full Version

---Tekken Tag Tournament Minimum System Requirement---
---Tekken Tag Tournament WIN 2000/WIN XP SP2/SP3 / VISTA/WIN7/---
---Tekken Tag Tournament 256 MB RAM--- 
---Tekken Tag Tournament 1 GHZ PROCESSOR--- 
---Tekken Tag Tournament HDD : 10 GB--- 
---Tekken Tag Tournament LANGUAGE: ENGLISH--- 
---Tekken Tag Tournament SIZE: 70 MB---
Rather than letting the battle continue as a one-on-two affair. An option that let you configure this would have been nice. Aside from the standard tag-battle arcade mode, there is also a one-on-one mode, that makes Tekken Tag Tournament more like the previous Tekken games, as well as the standard team battle (though it is now a tag-team battle), time attack, and survival modes. Unlockable modes include a theater mode, where you can watch all of the game's endings; a gallery mode, which lets you pause the game at any time and snap a screenshot of the action that is saved to your memory card for later viewing; and Tekken bowl mode, a bowling minigame that lets you hit the lanes and toss glimmer globes at Heihachi-headed bowling pins.

 Each character has a different bowling style that affects speed and control. The character endings, with the exception of the game's final boss, are rendered using the game engine. This presumably saved time during the game's development. As a result, they're short, mostly meaningless, and decidedly less than impressive. By comparison, the prerendered intro and the final boss' prerendered ending are simply incredible pieces of footage. In Japan, the TV commercial for the game is simply an abridged version of the game's new intro movie. Very striking stuff.

Graphically, the game has taken a very large leap, and the arcade version of the game looks downright ugly by comparison. The characters are very, very smooth, and the backgrounds are amazing and filled with lots of movement, from helicopters to crowds of spectators. Some stages are well lit, showing off some really excellent lens-flare techniques. There are also some nice little touches, such as grass being crushed down by falling fighters then slowly springing up afterward. However, the game suffers from one particular problem that has in fact been seen throughout the series, but with the power of the PlayStation 2 behind it, you'd expect it to be a thing of the past. The problem is the same one that showed up in Street Fighter EX3. While the backdrops of the fights and the ground on which you fight look great separately, they don't mesh very well. The result is two different types of scrolling, making it look as if the battle is occurring on a small, circular spinning platform surrounded by a nearly stationary background.

 It's easy to miss while you're actually playing, but it sticks out like a sore thumb on watching the game closely. However, the game has been cleaned up a lot when compared to the Japanese release. The characters are smooth, the backgrounds and floors appear more refective and vibrant, and the game just has a significantly more polished look to it. The game uses much of the same animation and motion-capture data from Tekken 3. Sure, the characters look pretty incredible, but with the identical animation quality, even as good as that animation was, the game looks and feels a little on the stale side. The soundtrack is full of techno and vocoder robot voices that will either endear you to the soundtrack or drive you up the wall

How much you enjoy the game will directly relate to one factor: If you played so much Tekken 2 and 3 that you couldn't possibly play another match, Tekken Tag doesn't offer enough new features to draw you back in. But if you've stayed away from the Tekken series for a long time, Tekken Tag is a very warm homecoming, delivering the same solid gameplay that Tekken fans crave in large doses. Still, you won't be able to stop yourself from wondering what Namco could have done with the game if it had been designed on the PS2 (or comparable arcade hardware) from the start. Guess we'll all have to wait for Tekken 4 to find that out.

Metal Slug 6 Download Full Version Free PC Game

About "Metal Slug 6"

Metal Slug 6 returns to the Rebel-Martian alliance featured in Metal Slugs 2, X, and 3, but on a much broader scale. Rather than repeating the previous games' events of the Martians breaking the alliance and the Rebels assisting the player in turn, the player now teams up with the Rebels and Martians to combat an even greater threat.
There are now two modes of play the player can choose from right at the beginning: Easy and Hard. Easy mode lowers the difficulty of the game and changes the player's default weapon to the Heavy Machine Gun; however, the game ends just before the fifth and final mission.
As with previous installments, Metal Slug 6 adds a number of new Slugs as well as a new weapon, the Zantetsu Sword, which allows the player's melee weapon to emit lethal energy waves that can neutralize enemy firepower.
New techniques are now present, activated through certain button combinations. Characters can now throw away one gun power-up's worth of ammunition, to give to the other player or simply discard altogether. A secondary melee attack is also available. Conversely, the sliding technique from Metal Slug 5 has been removed, and players except Fio and Ralf only receive half as much ammo for special guns.
Metal Slug 6 introduces a new play mechanic dubbed the 'Weapon Stock System'. Two gun power-ups can now be carried at the same time. Players can switch between the two weapons, or simply put them both away in favor of the default weapon. When obtaining a new weapon power-up, it will automatically occupy the inactive slot, or, if both are holstered, replace the less recent weapon of the two.
The score is now multiplied by powers of 2. The faster the speed at which enemies are killed, the higher the power, as a meter at the bottom of the screen shows. When it says "Max" enemies and destructible objects will drop coins for an extra high score.

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Oh yeah, i spended so much money on this arcade game… I love that old school game, if you never played Metal Slug, please, try it, it’s addictive. Enjoy.


Metal Slug PC Collection is a compilation of seven classic arcade games from the Metal Slug franchise including Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5, and Metal Slug 6.
Each of the games included in this compilation ran on the NEOGEO AES hardware with the exception of Metal Slug 6, which ran on the Atomiswave arcade hardware.
In each of the games, players proceed through a scrolling, run-and-gun action fest taking out enemies and saving hostages. The more hostages that are saved, the larger the bonus at the end of the level. When a player dies, they lose all of the hostages that they have saved earlier in the level. Players can access vehicles, obtain new weapons, and gain other power-up as they progress through the levels.
Some of the games include multiple branches, secret paths, and other bonuses that create extra reply value.

Included titles

  • Metal Slug
  • Metal Slug 2
  • Metal Slug X
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Metal Slug 4, PLUS EDITION
  • Metal Slug 5, PLUS EDITION

Included Features:-

Metal Slug 1-6 and X are included in the release, and the games have not been altered in any way. This is the same with the characters and abilities, which have all been kept the same. However, the game’s manual erroneously states that the ‘slide’ ability is achievable in Metal Slug 4, 5, and 6 — Metal Slug 4 and 6 does not include this feature in either the arcade or console version.

Extra Features:-

The game includes several special features.
  • Art Gallery – Concept art of Metal Slug 1 to 6.
  • Wallpapers – PSP-only option. A collection of wallpapers that can be copied to the Memory Stick.
  • Sound Gallery – Music from Metal Slug 1 to 6. The PSP version includes an option that allows the player to copy the music to the Memory Stick as Atrac3+ format audio files with the proper track name and album tags.
  • Game Options – Including difficulty, lives (which can be limited or unlimited, if they are limited the amount of lives the player has depends upon the difficulty) and a rapid-fire option.
  • Interview – A readable interview with some of the games’ designers and programmers about the Metal Slug series itsel
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Internet Download Manager 6.15 Build 3 Final+Patch Full Version Download

About "Internet Download Manager 6.15 Build 2 Final"

Added support for Firefox 21
Fixed a critical bug with processing some types of redirects
Resolved problems when displaying "Download progress" dialog tabs with large windows fonts
Fixed a bug with the download progress bar showing the download threads when Resuming zip files.

Windows XP PRO SP3 VistaVG Ultimate Genuine Full Version Free Download 100% Working

About "Windows XP PRO SP3 VistaVG"

Windows XP PRO SP3 VistaVG Black + Blue Ultimate Style + SATA-Raid | 700.04 MB
Microsoft Windows XP PRO SP3 Corporate
- NO CD-KEY needed....already slipstreamed.
- NO ACTIVATION needed...
- NO CRACK needed....
- NO PATCHES needed...




BURN BOOTABLE .ISO AT VERY SLOW SPEED ( use ISO-Burner or BURNCDCC...provided ) ... AND INSTALL FROM BOOT (not Desktop) !!!

- Based on the Windows XP SP3 RTM (Build 5512)...The untouched ISO straight from MSDN
- Added New Extra Themes (VistaVG Blue & XP Live Blue)
- Added some custom Wallpapers
- Added visual c++ 2005 sp1
- Added visual c++ 2008
- Updated Sata/Raid drivers (MassStorage Driver Pack v.8.05)
- Updated DirectX 9.0c
- Updated Firefox to v.3.0 Final
- Updated CCleaner
- Removed Vista Backgrounds
- Remove Minimize and Maximize windows sound Reg entries (annoying for some ppl)
- Windows Movie Maker....Not Removed !!! ...it's there

* DriverPack Chipset
* DriverPack MassStorage
* DriverPack LAN
* DriverPack WLAN

Addons Integrated:
- Vista RTM Boot screen
- VistaVG Ultimate Black Theme ( default )
- Vista Aero Cursors Black ( default )
- Vista Sounds ( default )
- Vista Sidebar
- Vista RTM Fonts
- Vista SceenSavers
- Vista User Accounts pictures
- Custom Welcome/Shut Down screen
- Custom Backgrounds
- ToolBar Styler
- Clear Type Tuning
- LClock
- Image Resizer
- DAMN NFO Viewer
- CCleaner 2.08.588
- Unlocker 1.8.5
- Microsoft Power Toys (Power calculator, SyncToy, TweakUI)
- Right Click Image Converter 2.2.0 ( pre-activated )
- IconPackager 3.2 ( pre-activated )


- WinRAR 3.71 Registered with Vista themes
- Firefox 3 Final
- Internet Explorer 7
- WMP 11.0.5721.5145
- Calculator Plus
- visual c++ 2005 sp1
- visualc++ 2008
- Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 6
- .NET Framework 1.1 + 2.0 + 3.0 + 3.5
- DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime June 2008
- KB905474 - Windows Genuine Advantage Notificationss ( WGA )

What's removed:
- Games
- Internet Games
- Pinball
- Screensavers
- Display Adapters (old)
- IBM Thinkpad
- Printers
- Scanners
- Images and Backgrounds
- Music Samples
- Old CD Player and Sound Recorder
- Windows Sounds
- MSN Explorer
- Netmeeting
- Windows Messenger
- Windows Tour

Patches and Tweaks:
- Increased TCPIP To 100 (default 10)
- Uxtheme Patch - Enable
- Set home page - Google.com
- Show Drive Letter in front of all drives - Enabled
- Taskbar-Disable Language-Bar
- Internet Explorer-Set Internet Explorer to accept 10 connects at a time
- .NET Framework is installed during setup. It will take a while until it's done, but don't worry, the setup doesn't freeze.

Mame32 Emulator 1000 Games Collection Pack Full Version Free Download 100% Working Games in Direct Link

About "Mame32"

"Mame32 is an emulator. Simply put, it enables a standard PC to mimic the internal hardware of a large number of stand alone arcade machines from 1978 to 2000. When you play a game with the emulator, you're not playing a recreation of the original arcade hit, when you play the games with the emulator You're running the exact same software that was written for a twenty years ago. Combined with the original software from these arcade machines." 

 Most Popular Games Screen Shorts:-

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