KMSpico v4.1 Automatic - Setup + OEM Edition Download Free Full Version

About "KMSpico"

First name KMSnano, now has turned into KMSpico. Its function is the same as KMSnano, is an activator of Windows and Office that works automatically, or in other words Automatic Activator. With many changes compared to the previous (KMSnano), KMSpico work faster. Office & Windows can be activated less than 10 seconds, and a smaller size.
Here I will share two types, namely Setup Edition and OEM Edition. There must be a confused, what's the difference Setup & OEM Edition edition. Actually the same, just a different way of its use. Setup edition used as usual, while the OEM Edition how its use is to copy the ISO image of Windows, so when installing windows, it will come installed KMSpico, pal DS can use PowerISO, UltraISO, and the like to copy it.

System Requirements :
.NET Framework 4.0
Windows Vista, 7, 8, & Server 2012

Activate Windows 8 Enterprise
Activate Windows 8 Professional
Activate Microsoft Office 2013
Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2013
Activate Microsoft Office Project 2013
Activate Microsoft Office 2010
Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2010
Activate Microsoft Office Project 2010
Activate Windows 7 Enterprise
Activate Windows 7 Professional
Activate Windows Vista Enterprise
Activate Windows Vista Professional

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