Avast Pro Antivirus 7 {Final} + License file Till 2050 Full Version Download Direct Link

Avast Pro Antivirus 7 Crack is good antivirus software. Avast Pro has a striking interface and many practical features such as:
  • WebRep - provides proactive link scanning with color-coded security reputation ratings on search results
  • SafeZone - an inside-out virtual desktop (sandbox) tool for discreet online shopping or banking
  • AutoSandbox - automatically opens suspicious applications in the protected virtual sandbox
  • Security Gadget - a small desktop widget for Windows 7 or Vista to help you stay up to date on your security status
Avast Pro Antivirus 7 Crack Effectiveness:
Virus Bulletin has certified Avast Pro Antivirus software with a VB100% (meaning that it caught 100% of in-the-wild viruses). AV Comparatives reports a high virus-detection rate, one of the best in the industry. AV Comparatives deems the software as one of the best solutions. Actual malware removal is still above average. Avast Pro Antivirus has also made a good showing in speed and performance tests. The antivirus software has only a light impact on startup and shutdown times. Smart scanning and multi-core optimization further speed up system scans and keep Avast Pro Antivirus light and unobtrusive.
Avast Pro Antivirus 7 Crack Features:
Two outstanding features are the AutoSandbox and the code emulator. The sandbox works with both 32- and 64-bit systems, and it essentially lets your web browser run in a virtual environment where the software can keep tabs on file behavior. You can also run any software or application you think might be risky in the virtualized environment, and no damage will transfer from the secure sandbox to your actual computer. The Avast sandbox is automatic, and it will prompt you run certain suspicious applications in the virtual environment. The code emulator is used on risky executable files and runs them in a test environment. If the suspicious application behaves like malware, the software can detect it and block it accordingly.

If you love Avast, please consider ordering your own license.
1. Install [Avast PRO] or [Avast Internet Security] as trail (DEMO)
2. Disable Self-Protection module from Avast.(Go to Setting -->Troubleshooting )
   You can re-enable it later.

3. Run [Avast 2050 by ZeNiX], and reboot.

5. Done
Note : For XP users please double click [AVAST XP ZeNiX.reg] to activate my 2050.
You can enable Avast's autoupdate with 2050.
You can re-enable Avast's Self-Protection module now.
Please always use your own license or DEMO license.

Tested OK with following versions.
  Avast 6.0.1367
  Avast 7.0.1399
  Avast 7.0.1403
  Avast 7.0.1403
  Avast 7.0.1407
  Avast 7.0.1412
  Avast 7.0.1414
  Avast 7.0.1426

Test OK on following systems.
  Windows XP
  Windows 7 x86
  Windows 7 x64

  Added [Uninstall] of my 2050 in control panel.

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