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The Punisher is definitely an action game which stars the vigilante from Marvel Comics, The Punisher. After his whole family was killed through the mafia, Frank Castle decides to devote his existence to make certain that crooks get the things they deserve. Gamers seize control from the Punisher because he tracks crooks lower with the criminal underworld. A few of the crooks you'll be fighting include people from the Eternal Sun (think Yakuza) not to mention the Russians.

Some cameos are incorporated in the overall game for example Tony Stark as Iron Guy and Matt Murdock (also known as Daredevil).


The Punisher opens with Frank Castle (The Punisher) being interrogated by Detective Cleaning soap and Detective Richtofen in Ryker's Island maximum security prison. Cleaning soap and Richtofen begin questioning Castle about his actions in the last three days that have all brought up up to now.

Frank Castle, The Punisher

The storyline then flashes to three days previous once the player takes charge of The Punisher, who proceeds obvious out a crackhouse filled with crooks. This eventually results in Castle likely to war from the local criminal organizations, namely an Italian family mob known as the Gnucci's, several Russian mercenaries and also the Japanese Eternal Sun Yakuza gang.

Within the amount of the overall game, the storyline switches between your past occasions and also the current interrogation resulting in a culmination of both.
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